Curly & Honey

Curly & Honey, two beautiful girls, 2-3 months old, females. healthy, happy, fully vaccinated and will be spayed at a special price are looking for their forever loving homes.Please call 9579 2626

Edit:Curly has been adopted and found her new family in the Netherlands,The Hague.We are so happy there are many people abroad who are willing to adopt pets from Oman and bring them to their home’s proven posting in this blog makes a sense.

curly curly1 curly2

2 thoughts on “Curly & Honey

  1. Curly (I renamed her Girl) is now living with me in Scheveningen/The Hague, The Netherlands. She makes me smile every day again, always full of enthusiasm, love, curiosity and an intelligent eagerness to make everyone just as happy as she is. A diamond in the rough! I’m ever grateful for the day she came into our life!

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