A note from Everly

Hello,I would be very grateful and happy if you could help me.There are total 10 stray dogs outside our villa and some of them were disabled,badly hurt and gunshot.Me and my mom adopted the 2 dogs who were severely hurt.It will break our heart when we will put them back on the street because they are very affectionate,loving and happy dogs now.We will be both travelling back to the Phils next month.Please help us save these sick,loving poor creatures.
I am begging and knocking all your hearts to please save at least some of them.Please contact me at 93235449.We are located in Alhail,Seeb..near Zamzam hypermarket.
Thank you and Godbless!


Another beautiful baby was left out😦 She had a terrible ear infection & other complications πŸ˜₯ She is such a sweet sweet girl, incredibly friendly & loooooooves her squishes from anyone who passes by her ❀She has recovered excellently with tonnes of TLC, she has been spayed & vaccinated.
If you would like to meet, foster or adopt her please call us on #24562263


Meet our new baby Sparkles .She was found all alone & lost outside but she isn’t alone no more & we hope she finds her forever family super soon!! πŸ˜€ She is a precious little girl getting used to her surroundings & all of us crazy people trying to smother her :-*
If you would like to come meet her, foster or adopt her, kindly call us on #24562263


A note from Manuela

Hi everyone my name is Anna I’m a guest at the Chedi. Two weeks ago I saw these two dogs running around the beach. They ‘re very friendly and they have collar too, so I thought they were having a walk with their owner! But now I believe that they have been abandon as they’re still here getting skinnier everyday! Last night one of the dog got really weak I though he might die so me and my friend miss Manuela took him to the vet for help and he gets to stay for one night! This evening we have to collect him from the vet and can only take him back to the beach where there is no shelter nor food in this horrendous heat!! I can feed them until I leave but I’m not sure if they will survive the heat! This is all I can do as I am only a tourist and Manuela is living in an apartment!! I will be here a couple more days if any of you can help them.. As I said they’re very lovely dogs…