Missing cat in Al Khuwair

lost cat Al Khuwair


Has anyone lost this cat? She’s pregnant and has shown up in Al Khuwair for the past two days now. White with brown patches, timid, has a green collar with a bell.

We can’t seem to get close to her but she seems to be coming daily when we feed the strays in the mornings.

Contact me on 91234506lost cat Al Khuwait2


Please, please share, time is running out for Bessie.

Bessie is still looking for a home. She is spayed, vaccinated and house trained. She is still very nervous so needs someone special to give her the confidence she needs to be a beautiful and loving pet. Loves children and cats but not so keen on other dogs. A home desperately needed as the people taking care of her are going away in October. If you would like to meet her please call her foster carers on 99752142Bessie adopt a pet Oman


Ramon needs a loving home.
Ramon is a three year old male, who was abandoned by his previous family, and is looked after by some kind people.
He is super alert and intelligent, Very active, but he needs a strong leader because he is dominant side, he is Castrated and all his vaccinations are up to date. Please share to help this gorgeous boy to find his happy ending.Ramon-adopt a pets in Oman

Missing dog in Mawaleh

missing dog Mawaleh/Muscat

Please keep an eye out for this dog who went missing in al mawaleh! His name is Dusty.

My dog went missing in the Mawaleh/Al Hail area recently. I was away and another family was watching him. Please help me find him. He has an ID chip in him and I have the number if needed. Any help is greatly appreciated.



Missing cat(Qurum roundabout-Grand Hyatt area)

Missing Cat. Please keep an for this cat.
missing cat grand hyatt 2
A cat i and my Friend has been taking care of a cat near my workplace,i went to work today after 3 days,i got to know that my Mau(Her Name) is missing,i heard she was sleeping on the hotel car and the driver was not aware of it and drove the car with her on top of the car,when he was alerted by passerby cars did he realize it,my Mau got down when the car was halted somewhere near Grand Hyatt or Qurum Roundabout, i am really not sure where is she exactly,can anyone who spots her let me know,she responds to Mau,is friendly,the collar is missing
My Number: 91289204
Went missing on 3/9/2014 between 12-1 am!

missing cat grand hyatt muscat