White star

This is happy. She was found crossing the MQ road. I’m going for vacations & I don’t have any one to take good care of her. She’s very friendly, she loves people, she’s very innocent, she plays with my kids alot and doesn’t want any one to leave her alone. We have been searching for the owner & there was no sign of the owner and we live in wadi Adai, where there is not much place for a dog walk. We already gave 8 cats and we don’t have space for the dog. She’s very adorable. If you are ready to take care of her please contact: 92703960.adopt a pet Oman adopt a pet Oman2 adopt a pet Oman3 adopt a pet Oman 4

Lovely puppies need a new home-urgent

Three 6 weeks old orphan puppies (mother was shot) are in desperate and an urgent need for foster/ forever homes, or they will be put back on the streets, where they were found hungry and whimpering for their mum. Only committed people to provide a loving forever homes to contact us please! And please SHARE this post! It’s a simple request which could help these helpless souls!

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Hi, we are still looking for a forever home for this beautiful dog, Ebony. She is about 9 months old and fully vaccinated. She was recently spayed .She is very nice with people and other dogs, and will be sure to give you lots of joy, relaxation and energy!

If interested, please  call me at 9931-5336, Muscat. Thanks

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Mono&Big Ears

Mono&Big ears

Dear Humans….

Our nicknames are ‘Mono’ (b&w) and ‘Big ears’ (tabby)… We don’t have real names because we are homeless. We live in a basement garage and we think we are about 9 weeks old. We are regularly fed, patted, played with and protected by a nice human upstairs. We are the friendliest of a litter of 5 kittens… but one of our sibling died.Oman pets

Our mum takes great care of us but we live a scary and dangerous life, not all humans are nice to us, sometimes we get chased out and our food and water is thrown out. Because of this we can be a little nervous with humans and our siblings still don’t trust humans at all… We do, we have faith and hope for humans

We would dearly love to find a good home to be loved and love you back….

Yours truly
Mono & Big Ears

P.S. The human’s number is 9532 3511 (we don’t have an opposing thumb so can’t use a phone)
P.P.S. Don’t buy a kitten from the shops, save a life.Pets Oman

a puppy need a home

Found a little female puppy scared and frightened. All cleaned up and spending tonight at the vets but they will call ROP tomorrow if she doesn’t have a home and they will shoot her. I already have a dog. Hope to find her a home 99345384 for details.

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Shelby needs a home

Wanted : Forever Home.
Name: Shelby
Age : 1 Year old
Color : Taby
Fur : Slightly long
Vaccinations : Complete
Hobbies : Playing with toys, Eating & Running around.
Positives: Loving, Kind, Adorable, Handsome, Potty Trained & Love Baths.
Negatives: Naughty (in a cute way), Has a mind of his own, Shedding.
Please help find this Old Cat a forever home… Old is Gold!!
Note; If you or your family member’s are allergic to dust, sand, fur or even smells, please don’t even consider.
If interested, and serious please contact Kayne @ 93215985