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Help the poor pets.Donโ€™t support Pet shops.
Adopt wadi dogs and abandoned little kittens.Save a life!

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  1. Hi, I have found an abandoned kitten while I was jogging awhile ago. I am staying in the hotel that’s why I cannot take her. I fed and stayed with her for an hour. Breaks my heart to leave this little kitten. Could you please help me find her a home? Thank you very much! Hope to hear from you real soon!!!

  2. i am looking for a good breed puppy for my villa In Sohar. if anyone can help please contact me on 99418859. maximum two months old puppy only required. and if it is local dog then please sorry. because after my job complete here i want to take to india also. mail me or call me. mail id is krishnasreepillai@gmail.com

    • Dear Ajith,

      There’s many nice and good breed puppies available,most of them are local dogs.There have been cases when European families adopted and imported those dogs back to their home countries.It’s not difficult to bring your new pet back home/to India as long as you plan ahead and follow all procedures.All puppies are vaccinated and ready for new families.

  3. Hey was wondering if anyone could help me out my dad got fired and we are unable to take my 2 dogs they have been chipped and had all their shots and have been fixxed aswell it makes me sad to have to say bye to my 2 best friends but I just want them to have a good home
    Email me at quintusq@hotmail.com

  4. im an animal lover,..& also against to animal cruelty,.in my homeland we have 20’s cats in our house,.most of them are stray cats which we are rescued and we do have dogs also..can i adopt a kitten which i can taking care of..thanks!!!

  5. Hi,

    We are fostering a dog taken from friends who had to leave Oman. Unfortunately, turned out my pregnant wife got allergic and we need to find a new place for the dog asap. Could you help? It’s a ~1 year local dog.

  6. Hi I found a dog few weeks back and feel bad I had no time look for his owner. If u could help ,I love her so much but I feel bad also for her owner she is terrir breed and named her twinkle ๐Ÿ˜Š if u could help me post her picture And find her true owner let me knw

  7. Hi.. am searching for my puppy, she is 3 n half months old she is missing from 12th of Dec. She is German Shepherd mixed breed. Missing location wattaya .If found pls contact on 93436741 or 91046962. Pls help

  8. Can anyone help please. While in Muscat last week my wife and I befriended 3 kittens and Mother which were living in a back alley in the souk area. It was hard to leave them but we had no option as we were flying out the following morning. There was an abundance of strays in the area and no chance of a home for them by the look of it so these scared little kittens have no future. I would be willing to take them to the UK if I could get some local help. My wife works in Qatar and she would fly over to secure them but support with finding a vet and very temp accom for them would be required. At this stage I would have arranged transport, come out to collect and accompany them back to the UK.
    I’ll pay all costs, just need help with logistics.

    Our home is Scotland where we live in the country with a large garden, perfect for a new start.

    Please help if you can.

  9. Hi! I would be grateful if you could help me. I have 3 stray cats who ended up being pregnant. Now we have 8 kittens in our home, we couldn’t just let the kittens go so we are taking care of them. But since my dad and I work, my mom has to take care of the kittens and it’s become really difficult. I would really appreciate if someone would be nice enough to adopt/foster them. They are all Male Kittens, really cute, playful and litter box trained. Can you please help me post their pictures? my email id: kashmira_kamat@yahoo.com.
    Thank you.

  10. Hi All, Am looking for a good breed puppy in Muscat.. Me and my wife are dog lovers.. If anyone has any info pls contact me on +968-99857330

  11. Hi My name is Rimsha. i am 15 year old. i am an animal lover. i am looking for a kitten actually to pet and take care of. if there are any please let me know.

  12. Hi caring ppl,
    I would like to adopt a puppy, without hair, preferably a breed that can grow really big. How can you end my search please.

    Thanks n best regards,

    Alwyn Fernandes

  13. We have two 11 months old Turkish angora cats one male and one female both neutered and spayed fully vaccinated and with passports. We are looking for someone who is really interested in taking care of them

  14. Hello pet lovers!
    I’m really desperated: I need a good heart looking after my little cat Eva for three months. The Pets boarding asked me crazy ammount! Of course I will give an ammount reasonable to the food costs, plus a tip. She is a lovely ginger colour, domestic cat!
    Hope somebody can help me
    Thank you!

  15. good morning! I have a beautiful wadi dog that we find in very poor health and is already healthy and strong, we are looking for a home because we can not stay. regards

  16. Hi
    I have a very small kitten…i cant keep it could u please come by and take it ๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ˜ท

  17. Hello, I was wondering if I can get help.
    I had two dogs that me and my father were taking care of, then I had to travel abroad to study, only a year after my father passed away. Since then they have been with someone but she’s taking a crazy amount every month and my mother is not longer able to pay for them.
    Please let me know if you can help.
    Thank you.

  18. Please help me!

    Meow! I am Cosmos, nice to meet you! I am 2.5 weeks old, 350grams, active, healthy and happy – have been checked up by Al Qurum Vets. My rescue mommy picked me up from the streets of Muscat – now she is urgently looking for a foster or forever home for me as she needs to return to Dubai, where she lives. I would love to be your blue eyed boy, just write to my mommy if youโ€™d like to take me home. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š

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