Very playful puppy

This gorgeous and extremely playful pup was abandoned near my place. I have cats in a small flat, can’t take him in. If anyone is willing to adopt, please inbox.
EDIT- I am willing to pay to neuter and vaccinate him if that is a problem for potential homes.Please call 97065435puppies for free sale Muscat puppies for free sale Muscat.jpg1 puppies for free sale Muscat.jpg2


Hey, we found an abandoned pup that wandered into our building here in Azaiba. I guess that was the first shelter he found, because he didn’t leave here, just kept wandering the corridors. We took him in and fed him. He’s really friendly and walks up to just about anyone. That trait could be what brings him harm here in Muscat. We really can’t keep him, no pets allowed here. Can anyone suggest a place where he will be safe and cared for ? Or would anyone be interested in adopting him ? We call him Manny. He’s quiet , doesn’t bark, and very friendly. Let me know if anyone can help. Thanks, my number is 91406350.

manny k9 muscat oman