Astro was hit by a quad bike in bawsher dunes, someone rescued him and brought him to the vet, luckily he wasn’t hurt much, he is 4 months old gorgeous and playful boy, he will make a great addition to any family. He is currently at capital vet clinic, but he has to find an alternative shelter by Saturday. Please contact us if you would like to foster or adopt him.
Please call:99204787astro animal  adoption Oman.jpg1astro animal adoption Oman astro animal adoption Oman.jpg2

All I need is love

All I need is love. I was rescued along with my two month old puppy from Ras Al Had by the kind people. I lost a puppy to human cruelty, and I was a victim of human cruelty too, I never had a tender touch on my skin, I was beaten, kicked in the mouth, I lost all my lower front teeth, but I am still wagging my tail, and I haven’t lost hope in humanity, please help me. All I need is love.Tel:99204787adopt a dog Oman