Alf and Linda

Alf and Linda were found on a beach without their mother or any siblings. They are the sweetest little things and they make everyone’s hearts melt. They are with us at the clinic and will be ready for their forever homes soon. Call us at 24562262 to come by and see these cuties.

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Casper is still waiting for his happy ever after. This wonderful boy was found wandering the streets of Muscat. When he came to us, we found that he had been shot a few times. He still has some bullet fragments in his body. None of this has done anything to dampen his spirit. He is great with people, dogs, cats, birds and everything else. He is currently in a foster home. We are looking for the perfect home for him, because he deserves the very best after what he’s been through. Contact us if you would like to meet him.Tel 24562263

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This little boy was rescued from the Muscat Grand Mall parking area. The management wants to call the cops to get rid of the dogs and we have been trying to find people to help out. Please contact us if you would like to adopt or foster this sweet boy. He is a little confused now, but is only looking for someone to love him and site him that humans can be good too.Tel 99204787.

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Hey, we found an abandoned pup that wandered into our building here in Azaiba. I guess that was the first shelter he found, because he didn’t leave here, just kept wandering the corridors. We took him in and fed him. He’s really friendly and walks up to just about anyone. That trait could be what brings him harm here in Muscat. We really can’t keep him, no pets allowed here. Can anyone suggest a place where he will be safe and cared for ? Or would anyone be interested in adopting him ? We call him Manny. He’s quiet , doesn’t bark, and very friendly. Let me know if anyone can help. Thanks, my number is 91406350.

manny k9 muscat oman

Two adorable puppies

I’m hoping someone can help. We found these two adorable puppies at the weekend when we spotted children throwing stones at them. One of the pups looked barely alive. Knowing that we couldn’t leave them to die, we removed them and took them to  the vet to get checked over. They were both dehydrated and starving, so after some fluids, vitamins and food, they seemed better.
However, we already have 3 rescue dogs, and can’t take any more. We need to find permanent homes for the pups or a foster home in the meantime. The pups are now around 5 weeks old and are absolutely gorgeous. The larger, light brown one is male and the smaller white one is female.
Please, please let me know if you are interested in giving them a Permanent home or if you can help out with fostering. Even if you can manage to foster for occasional days at the weekends that would be great. If you want more information please contact me. Please forward to anyone you think may be interested.
Many thankswadi dogs adopt a pet in Muscat