A note from Manuela

Hi everyone my name is Anna I’m a guest at the Chedi. Two weeks ago I saw these two dogs running around the beach. They ‘re very friendly and they have collar too, so I thought they were having a walk with their owner! But now I believe that they have been abandon as they’re still here getting skinnier everyday! Last night one of the dog got really weak I though he might die so me and my friend miss Manuela took him to the vet for help and he gets to stay for one night! This evening we have to collect him from the vet and can only take him back to the beach where there is no shelter nor food in this horrendous heat!! I can feed them until I leave but I’m not sure if they will survive the heat! This is all I can do as I am only a tourist and Manuela is living in an apartment!! I will be here a couple more days if any of you can help them.. As I said they’re very lovely dogs…

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