XENA the warrior princess

Xena was found at 3 weeks of age lonely and weak by the side of a main street. A young lady was kind enough to stop and pick her up even though she was certain her family wouldn’t approve. Xena moved into a foster home with 3 other dogs and is now 8 months of age. She has an amazingly vibrant presence and always tries to communicate with people by short howls. She loves being cuddled and playing with other dogs. She is house trained and well behaved in vehicles. Please help gorgeous Xena find her loving forever home.Tel 99204787.

xena saluki muscat oman xena saluki muscat oman.jpg1 xena saluki muscat oman.jpg2 xena saluki muscat oman.jpg3

One thought on “Xena

  1. Hello,
    I wanted to know about the cat called Zima. Is she still around. I am interested in adopting her. Plz let ne know if she still needs home.

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