Little kitten

I have a little kitten (vet reckons about 3 months) with a damaged paw/leg. There’s a little group of kids round here who think it’s fun to throw stones at the street cats and dogs, last Thursday evening, one little brat was picking up and throwing down a little kitten. When I told him to stop it, I noticed that the kitten was limping badly as it moved away.It was obviously in great discomfort – couldn’t move or use one of its front legs.
It turns out that there were two injuries – he had been bitten and that was infected. He had also fallen badly/been thrown down hard and has a couple of small fractures, and this was inflamed.
Both the infection and the inflammation have been treated, and he has been neutered. But the leg will take a few weeks to heal and he will probably always limp.

If you know anyone who wants a super cute and now very very friendly kitten, please let them know about this beautiful little fella!

Or if not permanent home, maybe someone would be able to look after him for a few weeks until he can use his leg again and can go back on the street.”Tel 99204787

kitten cat  free adoption not sale Muscat Oman

3 thoughts on “Little kitten

  1. I wish parents would teach their kids to be nice to animals even if they see stray cats and dogs as filthy, they don’t deserve to be treated this way

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