Fergus,Frappe and Fleur

Fergus, Frappe and Fleur are 3 little kittens who were dumped in a box  on Saturday. They are around 5 weeks old and should really be with their mother, but have unfortunately been abandoned. These kittens need a special diet and treatment for their eyes, ears and skin, because they had been neglected. In addition to them, we have more than 50 animals under our care who are looking for homes.
We do our best to help and re-home as many as we can, but it is quite a burden on the clinic and our staff (who all foster animals regularly in their homes). We need your help to help them.Tel 24562263

fergus adopt cat for ree not for sale Muscat Oman

5 thoughts on “Fergus,Frappe and Fleur

  1. i would like to inquire regarding frappe if he or she is still availble, hows the process of adopting and where is the office?thank you

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