The Omani Arabian Mau

The OMANI Arabian Mau
Did you know the Omani ‘street’ cats are actually cats with royal ancestry? Closely related to the ancient Pharao cats, they have the same characteristics as these highly priced cats. Omani Mau are extremely fun loving, friendly, fiercely loyal with dog like attitudes in following their human companions everywhere, VERY intelligent, love to talk and be entertained and more social than other cat breeds. In short – if you adopt an Omani Streetcat – you actually get a pure breed Omani Mau, an extraordinary cat with huge personality! Come and adopt today!
As usual after summer we have way too many and are so much looking forward to seeing our little friends going to good homes. Call us on 24562263 to arrange your adoption appointment today! We are looking forward to seeing you soon!
omani arabian mau cat

omani arabian mau cat.jpg1

omani arabian mau cat.jpg2

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