Expat leaving Oman (sometime July or August), and we can’t take the dog, because we will be travelling a lot.
“Jebel” is 6 years old, good-looking, glossy black coat, upper-medium-sized (20 kg), neutered male Wadi dog, originally rescued by Peni Wilson in 2009.
Very affectionate, and likes to stay nearby. Enjoys long walks and swimming in water (wadis, the sea), likes at least 2 walks a day, but also very content at home. Quite obedient (heel, sit, wait) and stays generally nearby when on walks. Healthy, micro-chipped, likes adults, very friendly to other dogs, and playful (likes chasing games, and is fast). In new situations, he is shy and nervous (vacuum cleaner, odd noises, new people). Has had little exposure to children, so is very cautious: his tail goes down, and he will try and hide. Barks when people come to the front door, and sometimes endearingly howls when the mosque is calling to prayers, but is otherwise quiet. Gets very excited by cats, goats, donkeys, and has to be firmly prevented from chasing them, but walks shamefacedly away from a cat that stands its ground.
GSM: 9880 1970, email:

jebel dog for free muscat oman jebel dog for free muscat oman.jpg1 jebel dog for free muscat oman.jpg2 jebel dog for free muscat oman.jpg3

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