Meet Ben

I would like to introduce you to Ben. A 3 1/2 month old white male wadi puppy. He was found on the 7th floor of an apartment building dehydrated with a fractured leg. He has since been to the vet for a week, has been x-rayed and is recovering well. He is currently staying with a couple who will be leaving Oman very soon and will not be returning. Out of the decency of their hearts they could not let the little guy just die and invested in saving his life. We need your help to find a foster home as we are not allowed dogs in the apartment and both have full time jobs. He is very friendly, adjusted to other animals (cat), sleeps well, and a playful temperament. Anyone willing to foster him we have a kennel, toys, blankets, food, bowls, leash, medicine and pee pads. All that he needs now is a home to stay! Please contact 9581 7881 or 9581 8755. Thanks”

ben k9 muscat ben k9 muscat.jpg1 ben k9 muscat.jpg2

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