Hello Everybody!
My name is Misha.
I was found few days ago in Qantab. Someone dumped me next to the Wadi and drove off. I was so very sad.
Now I am staying with a big family in Qantab. They are doing what they can to help me, but I’m afraid they cannot keep me They feed me and play with me and make sure I am safe, but there are already 5 cats and 2 dogs in this house! (and some of them are not so thrilled with me).
I am looking for a forever home, with lots of fun and cuddles. I am only very young, around 6 months old, so I have lots to learn. But my foster Mum says that I am really well behaved for a puppy, great on the leash, and learn quickly. I even understand “No” …almost always woof, woof!
I am a fluffy bundle of joy! That’s what my foster Mum tells me.
If you would like to meet me please call Maggie: 96278789 or Elena: 94103957

misha adopt a pet in Oman

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