Can someone please give this dog a home?! A space in your yard/ farm! Please share let’s help choco find his happy ending. He is too friendly and will not survive on the streets.
Hi all, my name is choco, Im a shy but kind doggie with not many friends. I use to follow people home in search of food…the lovely people at chocomania usually feed me but there are so many doggies that I dont get enough…one day two girls came to pick me friend…they took him walking and I followed because they gave me treats…I reached a weird place…they carried me and put me in a cage, at first I was really scared but then they took care of me…fed me everyday…for 5days I ate well and had a wonderful time… except for when the doctor neutered me…but I know that was for my good…I understand there are too many of us…I thght I finally have someone to love me… care for me… I wouldnt have to beg anoda day or thats what I thought till they left me on the streets yesterday….I remembered the way to that awesome place…plus I hurt my leg so I thought they could help me and it felt good to be loved so I walked and found the place…they took me in…checked me up…I want a forever home…I dont want to live on the streets….im scared and lonely…please save me I cant survive without the love of a human…please save me..
Tel:9586 0232choco capital vet muscat

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