Mono&Big Ears

Mono&Big ears

Dear Humans….

Our nicknames are ‘Mono’ (b&w) and ‘Big ears’ (tabby)… We don’t have real names because we are homeless. We live in a basement garage and we think we are about 9 weeks old. We are regularly fed, patted, played with and protected by a nice human upstairs. We are the friendliest of a litter of 5 kittens… but one of our sibling died.Oman pets

Our mum takes great care of us but we live a scary and dangerous life, not all humans are nice to us, sometimes we get chased out and our food and water is thrown out. Because of this we can be a little nervous with humans and our siblings still don’t trust humans at all… We do, we have faith and hope for humans

We would dearly love to find a good home to be loved and love you back….

Yours truly
Mono & Big Ears

P.S. The human’s number is 9532 3511 (we don’t have an opposing thumb so can’t use a phone)
P.P.S. Don’t buy a kitten from the shops, save a life.Pets Oman

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