All I need is love

All I need is love. I was rescued along with my two month old puppy from Ras Al Had by the kind people. I lost a puppy to human cruelty, and I was a victim of human cruelty too, I never had a tender touch on my skin, I was beaten, kicked in the mouth, I lost all my lower front teeth, but I am still wagging my tail, and I haven’t lost hope in humanity, please help me. All I need is love.Tel:99204787adopt a dog Oman


Murphy needs a home urgently! This very sweet and friendly dog (more a couchpotato really!) is just waiting to find his forever home…. after having been found wandering the streets in Mawaleh, with a huge wound that looked like Acid that was thrown over him, he is now desperate to get to a new home!
He is fully recovered (of course his scar will stay but not bother him) and he certainly would make a great addition to any family! Please open your heart to helping him! If you can not adopt – please share his poster! THANKS!Murphy dog Muscat


Can someone please give this dog a home?! A space in your yard/ farm! Please share let’s help choco find his happy ending. He is too friendly and will not survive on the streets.
Hi all, my name is choco, Im a shy but kind doggie with not many friends. I use to follow people home in search of food…the lovely people at chocomania usually feed me but there are so many doggies that I dont get enough…one day two girls came to pick me friend…they took him walking and I followed because they gave me treats…I reached a weird place…they carried me and put me in a cage, at first I was really scared but then they took care of me…fed me everyday…for 5days I ate well and had a wonderful time… except for when the doctor neutered me…but I know that was for my good…I understand there are too many of us…I thght I finally have someone to love me… care for me… I wouldnt have to beg anoda day or thats what I thought till they left me on the streets yesterday….I remembered the way to that awesome place…plus I hurt my leg so I thought they could help me and it felt good to be loved so I walked and found the place…they took me in…checked me up…I want a forever home…I dont want to live on the streets….im scared and lonely…please save me I cant survive without the love of a human…please save me..
Tel:9586 0232choco capital vet muscat

Are you looking for a lovely dog?

Hi, I was wondering if you can help us. The dog in the picture has been hanging around Qantab Beach since May this year. He was obviously abandoned, as he still wears a colar. We (the expat community here in Qantab) have all taken animals in and are pretty much saturated with giving homes to stray dogs. He is not shy of people and would probably make a wonderful family dog. Can you help? You can contact me on 9525 Qantab Muscat